Thing-Thing Arena Pro
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Released:July 2, 2013
Brian Simpson & Jered Becker
Adam Philips
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Thing-Thing Arena Pro is the fourth arena, and eighth entry overall in the self-titled series. Released on July 2, 2013, it is a complete revamp from its predecessors and is independent from the core games as a result.

Rather than focusing on pure survivalism, players are now required to complete a number of objectives while under a time limit. Final scores can be submitted to an online leaderboard to be ranked against other daily submitted, and all-time top scores.

The game's soundtrack was scored by Brian Simpson, while Jered Becker contributed towards the sound design. Adam Philips, creator of the popular Brackenwood series, is credited for the animated blood effects.

Gameplay Edit

For in-depth stats and tips, please visit our strategy guide.

Thing-Thing Arena Pro was designed, and balanced to be a time trial based game. Crouching, double jumping, health regeneration, and melee combat have all been removed. Sprinting can no longer toggled as characters can now run by default. A revised HUD system allows the player to easily identify both their health and ammunition, and incorporates a new combo meter.

There are a total of five stages, each with nine objectives to complete. Many of these include accumulating a number of kills, using a specific weapon, or obtaining high scores. All stages have ten discs that must be destroyed, as well as four gun parts and a secret briefcase to find. Objectives are encouraged to be completed on one perfect run.[1]

Other collectibles include keycards, first aid kits and hourglasses. Keycards are required for exploration as many areas of the stages are locked, while hourglasses extend the current timer by a minute. When a player dies, all progress from that specific run is lost.

Rapidly dispatching enemies slowly builds up the combo meter, which must be maintained in order to achieve larger bonuses to the overall score. Completing objectives offer a bonus, as well as any earned weapon proficiencies. Additional points are earned from the "style" of all killing blows, similar to that of Thing-Thing Arena 3.

Players' inventories now consist of a loadout of two firearms, which must be selected prior to entering a level. Because enemies no longer drop their weapons upon death, there is no option to swamp guns in-game. Ammunition is now infinite, but all guns must be reloaded prior or after emptying their reserves. Recoil in itself has been revised, most noticable in automatic weapons as continued fire results in less accuracy over time.

Reception Edit

Since its release, Thing-Thing Arena Pro has received mixed reviews; mostly revolving around the formulaic changes  from the gameplay which made the previous games near instant hits.[2] With much of the mobility removed, many have argued that the game is now less user friendly, and that the addition of a timer does not allow an authentic survival experience, to which the arena games were notable for. A re-release of the game was made in order to satisfy this.

Players have noted possible glitches and errors with the game is played on lesser hardware, requiring computer hardware to be recent for a smooth experience. Flash Player, required to play the game, is also recommended to be fully up to date.

The graphics and animation has been praised for their detail, however they have been noted to generate lag. With the ability to lower the game's quality being absent, the only workaround is to download the .swf and run it directly on the desktop.

Trivia Edit

  • A standalone "hacked" version of the game can be played here, which plays out like an experimental mode featured in previous titles.
  • The game is identical to the early Tony Hawk games in its franchise, where players must complete objectives under two minutes.
  • The character on the game's logo changes to match your avatar's design. This includes the weapon selected in the first loadout slot.
  • The character graphics and biology has been recreated; the head is no longer completely circular, and hands now have four fingers (previously it was three).
  • Weapon sprites are no longer mirrored; now their ejection ports are only visible when facing right.
  • Arguably the most graphic Thing-Thing game to date; blood sprites are larger, and enemies can have their skin shot off. In addition, screams can be heard upon death.

References Edit

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