Thing-Thing Arena 2
TTA2 title
Introduction scene.
Released:January 15, 2007
Mike Ainsworth
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Thing-Thing Arena 2 is the second arena and sixth entry overall in the self-titled series. It was released on January 15, 2007, and has since gained more than two million plays.

The game abandons the fast paced style of its predecessor, in exchange for a similar experience to that of Thing-Thing 3 with its larger environments.

Final scores are able to be sent to an online leaderboard, where they are ranked against other scores submited the same day. An all-time list displays the top fifty scores for each

The game was primarily created by Weasel, while Mike Ainsworth has been credited for designing the levels. The soundtrack contains tracks from Helix6 on Newgrounds who's music was used prior in the the original Arena game.

Gameplay Edit

For in-depth stats and tips, please visit our strategy guide.

Reception Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the beginning cutscene, the player's avatar uses an AK-47 which is not seen in the rest of the game. It returns as a usable firearm in Thing-Thing 4, albeit slightly modified.
  • One of the few games which uses songs provided from the Newgrounds Audio Portal, the others being Thing-Thing Arena, and Fuzzy McFluffenstein.
    • Furtherly, this is the second time Helix6 has been featured in a Diseased Productions game.

References Edit

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