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Controls Edit

Weapons Edit

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Handguns Edit

Handguns are some of the most basic weapons in the game. While several other guns are capable of inflicting more damage, ammunition for handguns is one of the most common.

1911 A1 Edit


The 1911 A1 default weapon you start off with in a new game file. It inflicts a good amount of damage and has a decent rate of fire, however it is slower than the CZ-75b, which can be acquired in the same area.

Players who rely on this gun are vulnerable towards being overpowered from large groups of enemies, due to its lack of speed.

CZ-75b Edit


The CZ-75b is the weakest handgun in the game, but also one can be one the fastest, being capable of matching the speed of how fast the player is able to click with the mouse.

The trade off, however, is that the gun's recoil tends to be uncontrollable when fired at such speeds. It may prove to be useful due at first, but it is recommended to switch to a different handgun whenever possible.

USP Tactical Edit


The USP Tactical can be considered to be an improved version of the CZ-75b. It fires nearly as fast, and does slightly more damage per shot. It is also fairly more accurate, and supplies the largest amount of handgun ammunition per gun.

Until more guns become available, the USP Tactical is a wise decision to utilize early on.

1911 Custom Edit


The 1911 Custom is a modified version of the 1911 A1, and shares many of the same traits. It has the same amount of damage and rate of fire, however it is noticeably more accurate and provides more ammunition when picked up.

Bren 10 Edit


Magnums Edit

Viper .44 Magnum Edit


First level, first room

Desert Eagle Edit


Fourth level, fourth room

Submachine GunsEdit

Steyr TMP Edit


First level, first room

MP-5K Edit


First level, second room

Beretta 93r Edit


Second elevator

MAC-10 Edit


Second elevator

Rifles (7.62x39mm) Edit

AK-47 Edit


First elevator

Krinkov Edit


First elevator

Rifles (5.56x45mm) Edit

HK 416 Edit


Second level, first room

XM-8 Edit


Second level, first room

Tavor Edit


Second elevator

Rifles (.308 Win)Edit

HK-91 Edit


Second level, second room

SOCOM-16 Edit


Third level, third room

HK-21 Edit


First boss

Hades Rifle Edit


Second boss

Shotguns Edit

Benelli M4 Edit


Second level, second room

USAS-12 Edit


Third level, second room

Pancor Jackhammer Edit


Fourth room, fourth level

Grenade Launchers Edit

EX-41 Edit


Second level, second room

GL-06 Flechette Edit


Third level, third room

Gauss Edit

Gauss Pistol Edit


Fourth level, first room

Gauss Shotgun Edit


Fourth level, second room

Miscellaneous Edit

Minigun Edit

First boss

X6 Flechette Rifle Edit


Third level, third room

XM-345 Skull Drill Edit


Fourth level, second room

Laser Cannon Edit


Fourth level, second room

Universal Bean Pistol Edit

File:TT4GUNIVERSALBEANPISTOL.png Fourth level, fourth room

N.U.K.E Edit



Enemies Edit

Soldiers Edit

Tier 1 Edit

Tier 2 Edit

Tier 3 Edit

Tier 4 Edit

Bosses Edit

Project 153 Edit

Hades Edit

Levels Edit

Bio Waste Incinerator Floor Edit

Area A Edit

Area B Edit

Area C Edit

Cargo Elevator Edit

Service Tunnel Edit

West Edit

Central Edit

East Edit

Office Cargo Elevator Edit

System Corps. Offices Edit

West Wing Edit

Central Wing Edit

East Wing Edit

Streets Edit

Forest Edit

Section A Edit

Section B Edit

Section C Edit

Genetic Research Lab Edit

Section A Edit

Section B Edit

Section C Edit

Reanimation Chamber Edit

Synthesized Lifeform Chamber Edit

Section D Edit

Section E Edit

Quarantine Elevator Edit

Hades Containment Chamber Edit

CEO Office Edit

The Armory Edit

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