Thing-Thing 4
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Released:March 31, 2008
Genre:Sidescrolling shooter, platformer
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Thing-Thing 4 is a browser flash game created by Diseased Productions. It is the sixth game in the Thing-Thing series to be released, and is the fourth game to be chronologically numbered. It is a direct sequel to Thing-Thing 3, and serves as the conclusion to a story arc which is based around the player's character; a biological weapon developed by a corporation which, after escaping captivity, plots to seek revenge against its creator.

The game was officially announced by a trailer which was uploaded onto YouTube on January 29, 2008, which gained more than 50,000 views in less than a month.[1] However, Weasel posted in a blog update a year before which confirmed the game's existence, but decided to set his preference towards developing other games first in order to research programming aspects.[2]

The game was then finally released at the end of March, where it has since gone viral, earning more than three million hits on Newgrounds[3], and six million on its sponsor's website, CrazyMonkeyGames. It was followed up by the even more popular Thing-Thing Arena 3.

Gameplay Edit

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Thing-Thing 4 combines elements from its predecessors into a more story driven and faster paced environment. Players maintain much mobility over their avatars: being able to sprint, double jump, and crouch. Dual wielding, and the ability aim at both sides of the screen however, have been removed. A brief driving scene is included, however control over the vehicle is fairly limited.

TT4 gameplay

A game in progress

The game consists of more compact levels in comparison to fewer open ones, requiring less exploring. This enables players to save their progress more frequently, resulting in smaller penalties upon death. Many areas are sealed by metallic doors which must be unlocked by either accumulating a number of kills or a nearby keycard. Elevator sequences serve as transitions between environments (ex. service tunnels, bio labs).

New to the series are animated cut scenes, which advance the plot at key points. Enemies now spawn from fixed positions: the beginning or exits of each level, and from pre-placed teleporters; complete with graphics and sound. Enemies gradually become stronger, as identified by their change of their attire.

In addition to an upgradable melee weapon, players are only capable of carrying two firearms at any time, resulting in faster cycling. As enemies drop their weapons upon death, guns can be swapped at any time in favour of another. All discarded entities are "thrown" away, and can cause minor damage to an enemy upon contact.

If a duplicate weapon is approached, it is collected as spare ammunition. Because ammo is divided by caliber, certain models can and cannot resupply other ones. A good example of this are rifles, which is broken down by 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm, and .308 Winchester.

The GUI has received a complete redesign, now being easier in terms of recognition. For example, the ammunition counter now only shows the current equipped weapon's reserve, and health is portrayed by an alpha image of the Diseased Productions' logo which fades in and out depending on damage taken. The crosshair is also fairly large, and weapons that can be picked up are displayed via a wireframe.

Plot Edit

TT4 Intro

The past is revisited...

Moments after destroying the Hades prototype, Project 154 finds themselves trapped inside of a giant containment chamber, located underground in a Systems Corporations research facility. However, 154 manages to escape by destroy a portion of the wall with an explosive power core found in the bio-weapon's remains.

154 fights through hundreds of foot soldiers as they explore the Bio Waste Incendiary and Service Tunnel levels of the facility. When 154 finds themselves in the office complexes upon the surface, Project 153 corners them and challenges them to another duel. 154 manages to escape onto the streets, however 153 pursues them with a gunship. 154 commandeers a vehicle nearby, and a high speed chase ensures.

Despite his advantages as a pilot, 153 dies when his aircraft is shot out of the sky, and explodes on the ground. 154 drives off to the secret biological laboratory outside of the city, believing it to be the place where the people who personally created them them are hiding.

Inside, 154 faces heavy resistance from both super soldiers, and other experiments. Eventually, 154 encounters Hades, another bio-weapon which has been dispatched to stop them. While they dispatch him with initial ease, he springs back to life as he transforms into his true form, prompting another battle.

154 proves to be unstoppable as it destroys the more powerful Hades for good, but as they arrive at the CEO's office, they discover it to be empty. The nameless employer contacts them through a giant screen, and reveals that he has fled for his own safety. He remotely seals the room and floods it nerve gas, nullifying 154's ability to recover their injuries.

Intercepting troopers arrive and manage to overpower, and ultimately kill 154. Their body is recovered to have its genes salvaged to be re-used for another experiment.

Reception Edit

Upon its release, Thing-Thing 4 received near universal acclaim upon its release, winning multiple awards upon sites such as Newgrounds and gaining millions of views. Reviews have noted the improvements over the previous third game; praising its faster gameplay, stronger storytelling and artistic value.

General criticism targeted the overall difficulty, irregular glitches, and the new inventory system; with some expressing their dismay of the new "two gun limit." The finale has also been labeled as "anti-climatic" and a "downer" due to the death of the player character.

As of an unmarked date, the game began to have a glitch in which the character would be randomly transported bellow the floor of the game. As a result many have deemed the game no longer playable.

Sequel Edit

Before the game was announced

Much speculation arose during its development, including possible plots and game features (most notably multiplayer), were posted online by fans. After its release, many of these points were carried over to suggest another sequel.

However, Weasel has since responded to these accusations, stating that he has no plans to create a fifth Thing-Thing game, and that multiplayer was not possible.[4] Despite the continued support of arena releases, it is safe to assume that Thing-Thing 4 is the final story driven game in the series due to its ending.

Trivia Edit

Genetics Lab Edit

  • The Genetics Lab is very reminiscent, if not a redesign of, the Research Centre from the first game. Both are hidden outside of the city in a forest, the only difference being that the Genetics Lab is entirely underground.
  • All of the test tubes in the scenery are numbered. When the player locates tubes 153 and 154, they are both empty and surrounded by caution tape. A very obvious indicator that this was where the two were created.

Other Edit

  • The game is coded to detect whenever it is played on either the Diseased Productions or CrazyMonkeyGames websites. This allows the player to use hairstyles and clothes from the previous games in conjunction with the up to date graphics.
  • This is the first game in the series to imply more obvious gender indication. From facial hair, to body parts specifically for woman characters.
  • While the previous two games included a survival mode for obtaining high scores, Thing-Thing 4 does not.
  • This is the second game in the series to have regenerating health, the first being Thing-Thing 2. Damage is indicated by the transparency of the Diseased Productions logo, which is a nod to the Gears of War games.
  • Characters' heads now look in the direction of the crosshair, instead of being static like the previous games.
  • Dead bodies, blood decals and bullet shells now remain. They can be toggled to disappear in the pause menu if they cause lag.
  • Minus the introduction, your avatar will wield the current equipped weapon throughout the cutscenes. This can result in unintended mishaps, such as "shooting" your melee weapon prior towards encountering 153.
  • If you don't enter the game within a day, your data will be deleted permanently.

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