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Released:May 06, 2006
Mike Ainsworth
JJ Land
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Thing-Thing 3 is the third core and fourth overall entry in the self-titled series. Released on May 06, 2006, it has since gained a million plays. The game has received an honorary "ATI People's Choice Award" from for the year.[1]

Thing-Thing 3 contains new and improved features from the first Arena, while demonstrating superior level navigation than the second installment.

After destroying Zeus, Project 154 manages to escape the grasp of the System Corporations. The game takes place sometime afterwards.

Plot Edit

An unidentified figure contacts 154, stating that they of need of "urgent assistance." While disregarding the request at first, 154 gives in after the figure blackmails them; well aware of their history as a bio-weapon, including the destruction of Poseidon and Zeus. Instructed to head to a construction site, 154 enters the city and fights their way through the streets, aware that the area is a housing district for mercenaries.

Upon enter the industrial sector, 154 is contacted once again.

Gameplay Edit

It's similar to the 2 first games, except Project 154 now is able to turn its head to aim, also can duck to avoid bullets, able to double jump.

Thing-Thing 3 is more bloody and gore than the 2 previous games, Weasel added the headshot animation and the body death animation.

Different from Thing-Thing 2, punch now acts as melee and doesn't take 154's energy.

Reception Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On the page where the game is played on CrazyMonkeyGames, the added date incorrectly reads "January 15th, 2007".[2]
  • This is the first game where multiple headshots result in enemies' heads exploding.
  • Shells now fade away, instead of directly disappearing.

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