Thing-Thing 2
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Released:Sept 22, 2005
JJ Land
Chris Hoelzel
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Thing-Thing 2 is a side scrolling shooter released in September 22, 2005. It is a full sequel to the original game, taking place shortly after canon-wise.

Plot Edit

Continuing the escape from the previous game, 154 continues to travel upon the rooftops of the city, with mercenaries in pursuit. Eventually they must leap off to the ground level, where they land unscathed in a bloody mess, the result of enemies jumping after you.

Near the outskirts of town, 154 passes across several unsound bridges, collapsing behind them as they make their way into the desert. Here, several mummies arise and begin chase. Passing through pyramids and brick walls, they leave and ends up at an abandoned area, where Zeus ambushes them.

While it proves to be stronger than the last bio-weapon, Posideon, Zeus is eventually destroyed, and from here 154 goes into hiding, losing the mercenaries.

Gameplay Edit

Thing-Thing 2 builds upon the core engine that the initial game had offered, incorporating a sprint feature, and giving melee attacking its own key, instead of selecting it from the inventory. Graphically, the game is more advanced, established the key primary character creation pallet of white, red and black. Avatar design and progress is now saved, so players can continue if they quit the game.

The game introduced both a health and stamina bar; offering a more visual representation for character status. When the player runs, jumps, or punches, the melee meter is drained. If low enough, said movements can not be performed. Both bars recharge, with stamina being slightly faster.

While the enemies sported guns in the previous game, they return unarmed in Thing-Thing 2, resulting in more of a run and gun style. Upon death, they drop ammunition, with guns themselves required to be unlocked by beating stages; either by reaching the end or racking a certain amount of kills. There is a small survival mode, which lets the player face endless waves of enemies. This feature was later expanded upon in Thing-Thing Arena.

New to the game was the Derringer, a powerful two shot magnum that had a rare chance to be dropped from enemies. Ammo can be saved and stacked by collecting several guns, and it is discarded after complete use.

Arsenal Edit

USP Sig p220 1911 Desert Eagle Automaq V Derringer MP7 Mac-10 MP-10 Mossberg 500 Striker 12

Trivia Edit

  • Enemies can survive without their bodies, making head shots the most effective way to kill them. Strangely, this is the only game in the series which this occurs in.
  • The music consists of tracks from the Vectorman scores, a inspiration for the Thing-Thing series. First one was the "Information", then "Tidal Surge".
  • Ammo is shared with all the guns by type, where previously you had to recollect one gun several times to stock up ammo for the same model.
  • While shotguns were included, assault rifles were excluded.