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The Thing-Thing series is a collection of 2D side-scrolling flash games which combine elements from the platforming and shooter sub-genres. Since its debut, Thing-Thing titles have arguably become the most popular in the Diseased Productions catalog, with many mechanics and elements re-appearing throughout other games.

Thing-Thing is divided into two categories: core, and arena. There are four titles in each, and the latest addition to the series is Thing-Thing Arena Pro.

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Core games Edit

Warning: Crucial plot details below!

The plot centers around your avatar, codenamed "project 154," a biological super soldier developed by the System Corporations. Sometime after being created, you become self aware, and decide to fight for your freedom. While the inital game was at first considered to be non-canon, it has since become the roots of the story due to constant referencing and revising. From your own commentary at the beginning of the fourth game, the core series take place roughly in a few days' time.

Thing-Thing Edit

Initially held within a padded cell, you escape from imprisonment, and dispatch security nearby the elevator. you ascend to the main floor, where several other cells are lined up. You eventually reach the exit, but Posideon appears and blocks the way. After a brief struggle, you manage to destroy it, and you leave the facility.

Making your way through a following forest, you head into a nearby city.

Thing-Thing 2 Edit

As you enter said city, you are being chased by hired mercenaries. Starting at the rooftops, you eventually descend to ground level and fight your way to the outskirts, which leads to the desert. You cross through, and arrive in Sunset City, a System Corporations establishment. With further resistance from mercenaries, you continue to travel into a restricted zone.

Inside, Zeus ambushes you, and depending on difficulty, mercenaries may follow you inside. Regardless of the lesser or further resistance, Zeus is destroyed in the end, and you are implied to have taken shelter in an unrevealed location, unable to be found momentarily.

Thing-Thing 3 Edit

Despite being hidden, you are mysteriously contacted, and are blackmailed to meet a contact at the industrial sector. You gun your way through the city, with the mercenaries back on your tail. As you arrive at the destination, the contact is revealed to be project 153, who has set you up. He engages you, however you manage to defeat him.

Admitting defeat, he sends you into an underground freezer, which leads to a System Corporations research facility. Your escape attempt brings you to Vahl Dreig, a previously discarded prototype of Hades which was re-activated to stop you. While you manage to destroy it, the area which the battle took place is actually a containment chamber, which 153 confirms in that he "plans one step ahead" as seals it, locking you within with no apparent means to escape. He taunts you in either bringing "the real Hades," or simply letting you die naturally before he leaves.

Thing-Thing 4 Edit

Hours later, you decide to pursue the one in charge of the company, believing that killing him will guarantee your freedom. Using the power core from Vahl Drieg, you detonate a hole into the Waste Disposal area, triggering a heavy response from the soldiers throughout. You ascend from cargo elevators to the office floor, where 153 corners you. He dashes off, leaving his escorted squad to open fire at you.

Managing to dodge their shots, you jump out a nearby window, and crash into a car on the street. 153 approaches with a helicopter, and you engage him with another car holding a light machine gun. After a lengthy pursuit, 153's helicopter is shot down, and he dies from the explosions. Deciding that your target is at the secret bio-lab, you drive off to a nearby forest.

You exit the vehicle and travel to the underground entrance, which links up to several laboratories. Using the main lift at the end, you ascend to meet Hades inside another containment chamber, who appears weak at first, but morphs into his true form. He is ultimately destroyed, and you enter the control room nearby, where the CEO awaits via computer screens. He admits that he fled long ago as he remotely seals the room and floods it with gas, which nullifies your abilities.

The doors unlock, and an army of soldiers rush in. Despite any retaliation, your fate is futile and you are eventually killed, the results of your powers gone. The CEO orders your corpse to have its genes salvaged, and to tell the "buyers that [we] worked out all the kinks."

End of spoilers.

Arena Edit

An arena game was generally released some time after each core release, utilizing the current game engine to reduce development time, while usually building upon it as well. Weasel admitted that the first game was to "make up for the survival mode which lacked in the second game," however more games have since been released. All titles have their own leader boards for players to save and show off their high scores.

Thing-Thing Arena Edit

The sequel to Thing-Thing 2's brief survival mode, Arena introduced a brand new arsenal, and a variety of enemies to fight. The levels were small, flat surfaces with two ledges on each side for enemies to spawn from, with various backdrops from previous installments, as well as future release Stinky Bean.

Notable enemies which appear were zombies and Stinky Beans.

Thing-Thing Arena 2 Edit

Arena 2 is the first survival-based game which utilized bigger, more interactive level layouts. Power ups to pause time, and increase your agility were implemented, as well as addition of secrets.

All the enemies from the first arena make a return, including a harder survival mode, and the addition of Sentry bots. There is a new ultimate mode which spawns all the enemies in one match.

Thing-Thing Arena 3 Edit

This installment removes all of the additional modes from the last arena games, leaving only basic survival. The level design consists of three maps per specific theme (six in total) which differ in layout. Power-ups have also been removed.

The kill counter has been dismissed for a new score system that rewards the player upon all the aspects upon their kills. Factors such as head shots, dismemberment and killing enemies in their mid jump reward more than simple ground kills. Achievable milestones can be acquired, such as killing a number of enemies with a certain weapon, and offer bigger bonuses.

Thing-Thing Arena Pro Edit

Arena Pro dismisses the free-roaming survival aspect of the previous games in favor for challenge based scenarios. With a limited amount of time, players must complete a list of objectives in order to play the next map. Many of these include destroying discs, collecting gun parts, or racking up a number of kills with a specific weapon.

Other games Edit

Despite not being directly related to the series, these games have certain elements which appear throughout.

Avoid Posidon's Wraith Edit

A brief game which the player must avoid the environment, the avatar appears to be the first sight of the basic Thing-Thing character design.

Stinky Bean Edit

Scatmonkey initially assures Stinky Bean that they will not be hunting Thing-Things, something which it is implied they have done beforehand. However, the final level's boss is a giant Thing-Thing which Stinky Bean must kill.

Interestingly, while the sprite for the Thing-Thing is from the first arena game, the stage it takes place in is similar to the first level in the third game, which came out AFTER Stinky Bean.

Moron Marathon Edit

One of the playable characters is a Thing-Thing character. Its appearance randomizes each time the menu screen is accessed, and can not be altered manually.

Reception Edit