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Released:Aug 28, 2005
JJ Land
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Thing-Thing is run and gun shooter, and arguably one of the pioneer games of Diseased Productions. It was released on August 28, 2005, primarily designed as a test engine. It was followed by a full sequel, and has since evolved into a popular web game series.

To date, Thing-Thing remains incomplete development wise. In-game notes provided by Weasel however states that the main goal was to receive public feedback, and that there are no plans to finish it. Its plot was also initially disregarded, however it has since become canon through references in both the third and the fourth games.

Plot Edit

Identity less, the avatar is locked inside a padded cell. A scientist awakens and prompts them to take their medication. They attack and take his (the scientist's) pistol, and escape by from shooting out the air duct. After climbing out, they must fight through security to reach a locked elevator. A guard drops a key card upon death, and they use it to ascend to the main floor.

More security drops into the elevator, and are required to be fought off. On top floor, they fight their way to the exit, passing a series of cells along the way. An android called Poseidon eventually appears and attempts to kill them, but is defeated, and they leave the research facility as Poseidon explodes.

Outside, they unlock the front gate and continue to fight security in a small forest. The player reaches a computer console, and discover who they are: a bio-weapon identified as Project 154. The terminal also reads that Zeus and Hades have been deployed as a result, and there is a call for volunteers to give pursuit.

As the sun sets, 154 makes their way into the city, where they encounter a damaged Poseidon. Upon investigating the body, Poseidon weakly activates and charges at 154.

Game play Edit

The game is generally very basic; it allows the player to move, jump, and attack. Enemies drop their weapons upon death, and are accumulated to the player's arsenal, which can be tabbed through. As health and ammo deplete, they can be replenished by collecting med kits and duplicate guns respectively.


Escape in progress

Graphically, the game is very limited; primarily consisting of grey until the player escapes the facility. This gives the impression that it is the first time that their avatar sees the outside world.

Part of the environments are interactive: ceiling lights can be shot out to darken a room, or various objects can be interacted with using the space bar. For instance, players must manually open the front gate of the research facility upon leaving, despite that it does not prompt them.

Many of the guns suffer from excessive recoil, especially automatic and burst guns. This encourages the player to let the gun reposition before firing another shot, or it will may miss their mark.

Reception Edit

Despite being an experiment, Thing-Thing has received initial and continued praise, many labeling it as a classic for it's character creation, and interaction. It has been awarded a Daily Feature the following day, and a Weekly Second Place award on

Madness comparison Edit

Due to grey being a prominent color, as well as circular character design, many players have compared this game to Madness Combat, an animation/game series created by internet alias Krinkels. Sometime upon the game's release, Weasel has given the following response:

"About all of the Madness comments: Neither I nor Krinkles are the first people to make a mouse aiming 3rd person shooter engine, and I realize that it's black and white in the beginning, but I wanted for the game to seem dismal and grey until you eventually make your way into the colorful outside world. In those respects, I think that this may play somewhat like madness, but they are 2 very different games."[1]

Arsenal Edit

HK45 USP Desert Eagle M16 G36 Beretta 93R AK-47 CZ Skorpion Micro Uzi Glock 18 Gauss Rifle Chainsaw Bowie Knife

Trivia Edit


Hidden armory

  • There is an armory unreachable by normal means, stocked with med kits and Beretta 93Rs. The player must right click and press "forward" to change the .swf's keyframes. Chronologically, it is the seventh screen counting the starting cell escape.
  • The game offers an "All Weapons + Ammo" cheat accessible in the main menu which gives the player more models that were not previously obtainable, and a big stock pile for each. For a complete list of all the weapons, see the arsenal section.
  • After leaving the elevator, it is possible to shoot the lights out in the following hallways, dimming the rooms. From here, any guns fired will make the room flash for a brief moment.
  • Upon completing the game, the characters who engage at a gunfight at the loading screen change appearance to match yours.
  • The most noticeable errors is the cut off in the HUD, and that the ending music continues to loop after completion. Despite initial impressions. Health is able to be healed to 125 by default, so it is not a glitch.
  • While assault rifles appear without their butt stocks, shotguns are completely absent.
  • A red lightsaber can be found when decompiling the game.

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