In the Thing-Thing series, soldiers are the core opposing enemies. They are seen always wearing armor, as opposed to their mercenary counterparts, which are randomized in appearance.

Background Edit

System Corporations' armed forces, trained to dispose of anything or anyone which violates or displeases the head management. Primarily stationed at facilities everywhere, their numbers never seem to diminish no matter how many of them you manage to kill.

Unlike the mercenaries you encounter, ranks are visually present; with low tiers sporting a ballistic vest and helmet. Mid tiers sport more metallic based protection, visors or other sorts of head equipment. Higher tiers sport full body armor of multiple varieties. The higher the rank, the more difficult it is to dispatch a specific trooper.

Appearances Edit

Thing-Thing Edit

The facility which you escape from is filled with soldier resistance, both inside and outside. Their load out changes significantly as you progress from handguns to magnums, with them ending with near automatics.

Because of the minimal graphics in the game, they appear to be bland unidentifiable enemies. But because the settings does take place in a System Corps. branch, it is assumed they are soldiers.

Thing-Thing Arena 2 Edit

Soldiers are re-introduced in Arena 2, appearing first hand in the beginning cut scene to show off their up-to-date appearance. They are the primary enemies in super survival, and also appear in the ultimate survival mode.

Thing-Thing 4 Edit

Soldiers make their canon return as the common enemy throughout Thing-Thing 4, re-using their sprites from Arena 2. While low tier soldiers respond your breakout from the containment chamber, stronger units are seen joining the fight as you enter new areas, including a new edited high tier soldier, sporting black armor with red LEDs.

They are seen in a brief flashback scene, which appears quite similar to the freezer level in Thing-Thing 3. If it is or not the exact scene is unknown, due to fact that you previously fought mercenaries at the time.

Thing-Thing Arena 3 Edit

Despite mercenaries being the primary enemies in the game, a few non-canon soldier appearances can be seen, one notable being a high tier suit of armor recolored red.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the randomized feature of the mercenaries in the previous games, certain enemies may look similar to soldiers due to available armor and visors the games contain.