In the Thing-Thing series, mercenaries are one of the most common enemies within the series. They are distinguished by their random appearances, in contrast to their soldier counterparts, which specifically wear body armor.

Background Edit

After you manage to escape System Corporations' grasp, they send an endless army composed of hired mercenaries to hunt and retrieve your genes, too precious to be running amok.

Appearances Edit

Thing-Thing 2 Edit

Mercenaries appear throughout each level in the story mode, except for the desert. They appear to be unarmed throughout the whole game, relying on their fists to attack.

Unlike their later successors, they can survive without a body, requiring head shots in order to successfully kill them.

Thing-Thing Arena Edit

Mercenaries return as the main enemies within the primary survival, and super survival modes. They are revamp to carry firearms.

Thing-Thing 3 Edit

Mercenaries re-appear as your common foe within Thing-Thing 3. They are initially equipped with handguns, but as you progress farther through the game, they bring out stronger load outs on par with your unlocks.

They continue their chase within the research facility in the final levels, but are dismissed upon your containment, ending their canon appearances.

They also make a brief appearance in the super survival mode offered in the survival tab.

Thing-Thing Arena 3 Edit

Mercenaries are re-introduced within the latest Thing-Thing game, and appear to be the only enemy to do so.

Trivia Edit

  • As these characters use the same sprites from the character creator, there is a rare chance an exact duplicate of your character will appear as a mercenary.
  • While they utilize the expanded character creation select in Thing-Thing Arena 3, they do not appear to be coded to be randomized in appearance. Instead, a small list of pre-made combos spawn throughout.