Stinky Bean (an alias for the real life "Parkia speciosa" plant) is an entity that originally appeared in Thing-Thing Arena as an enemy. It is characterized as a living bean with stubby hands and feet that wears a small fez. Its IQ level is considered to be very low to the point that it "can not feel pain."

Since its introduction, Stinky Bean has become somewhat of a mascot for the Diseased Productions catalog, appearing in a total of nine games (three with starring roles).

Background Edit

Despite being one in a whole race of similar organic beings, "Stinky Bean" is always used to refer to the iconic designed character. it is the primary servant of Scat monkey, who sends him out to do his bidding. While not possessing anatomy of sorts, it is able to portray slight emotion. Unlike its brethren, Stinky Bean only communicates through high-pitched squeaks.

Universally, it seems to co-exist within the Thing-Thing universe, despite its appearance not bearing much significance. Stinky Bean possesses his own small armory, and is capable of melee combat, but has a weaker effect in comparison.

Trivia Edit

  • A running gag involves Stinky Bean drinking from a soda can using a straw.
  • Stinky Bean initially had a tail, but it is absent in all of his game portrayals.

Game appearances Edit