TT4 154

A possible appearance for 154

Project 154, or 154 is the alias for your avatar in the core Thing-Thing games. The name originates from the first game on an outdoor research terminal, which says "gamma class bio-weapon, project no. 154."

Because the option to customize your character is always present, there is no official identity of him or her.

Background Edit

154 was designed by the System Corporations to be a powerful ground soldier, with the final product being auctioned off to the highest bidder, for unspecified purposes. While the results initially proved to be successful, 154 became self aware during containment for evaluation, and escaped from the research facility.

Later seen in their secret bio-lab, 154 is part of a series of of infantry experiments, with only a second unit fully operational.

Abilities Edit

For your purpose as a trooper, you were designed to be able to recover from multiple injuries at once, but can still be killed if overpowered.[1] This is countered by your superior agility, being able to outrun and jump higher than normal foes. You are also very skilled with firearms, and can use brute strength in close encounters.

Your genetics are considered to be invaluable, as System Corporations deploys countless mercenaries and soldiers, despite dispatching any of you encounter. While they use other bio-weapons, including the trio of Poseidon, Zeus and Hades to stop you, you ultimately destroy each of them.

Fate Edit

When 154 finally reaches the control room of the bio-labs, the CEO remotely seals the doors and releases a gas which floods the room. Losing the ability to regenerate wounds as a result, soldiers rush in to take advantage. It is up to the player to determine how long the struggle goes on for, but 154 is killed in the end.

The body is then ordered to have its genes stripped for re-use. Assured that next project will have "all the kinks worked out," the CEO contacts the previous buyers.

Trivia Edit

  • While not canon, it is safe to assume that 154 is also the playable character in the Arena series.
  • While it is implied you can regenerate tissue, several Thing-Thing games require you to heal with a first aid.
  • It appears that your abilities develop as the series goes on, but in reality it is the result of the sequels being more developed as time goes by.

References Edit

  1. 153: "You were developed as an advanced form of infantry. You can take the hydrostatic shock from countless bullets into your flesh to little to no effect to your physical performance." (Thing-Thing 3)