Desert Eagle
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Type:Magnum handgun

The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic, high caliber magnum. It was initially designed and manufactured in Israel by the Israel Military Industries starting from 1982 until 1995, when it was redesigned by the Magnum Research of the United States of America (which was later acquired by Kahr Arms in 2010). Both companies have since continued to work together to produce it in the present day.

The Desert Eagle is considered to be one of the most iconic guns in entertainment history, due to its menacing design and size. However, the actual performance of the gun is often exaggerated, and in reality is prone for bullet feeding malfunctions, which in turn causes shell ejection problems. Regardless, the gun continues to see increases of popularity with consumers who prefer style over functionality. This is also due the different types of finishes it is available in; the most common being in chrome, black, or even gold.

The Desert Eagle is capable of being interchanged to fire either .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, or .440 Cor-bon calibre bullets. It is also infamously known its ability to fire .50AE, one of the strongest types of ammunition available for a handgun. But due to the low supply and demand of this ammunition, it is uncommon to see Desert Eagles modified to shoot this calibre for other than novelty reasons.

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The Desert Eagle is often categorized as a high tier weapon, and is usually received towards the end of the many games it appears in. It has a noticeable slower firing rate, at the expense of high amounts of damage which is capable of killing a basic enemy in at most two shots.

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